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Creation of an open cross-disciplinary environment for diverse communities in biomedical sciences to discuss their methods and motivations.

We are very happy to co-organise this workshop together with Champalimaud Foundation, Congento, QuantOCancer and the Joint Research Centre.

This workshop brings together agency, regulator, industry and primary researcher communities in biomedical sciences to talk freely about methods and models and explore common ground.

During this event we will:

  • Share the state of the art on innovative methods in tumor immunology and beyond

  • Connect people, reduce the communication gap, break silos

  • Openly discuss the future of non-animal models in biomedical research

  • Educate new generations, strengthening future bridges between worlds

The event will take place over two consecutive afternoons - 14th and 15th June 2021.

And if you didn't participate yes, please participate in our survey:


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