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Human Technology Consultants


Our dream is a healthy world.

Our Story

Frustration Fuels Innovation


At FRESCI, our journey began not in a boardroom, but in a laboratory. Our Co-founder, Dr. Straccia, a dedicated neuroscientist specializing in stem cell technology and animal models for neurodegenerative diseases, encountered a fundamental frustration in the research community. The relentless cycle of conducting research, publishing peer-reviewed articles, and chasing funding often overshadowed the ultimate goal of science: to bring real solutions to patients and make a meaningful impact on society.

Breaking the Loop


He and an initial group of fellow researchers realized that transforming scientific discoveries into tangible innovations required more than just scientific expertise.

It demands a unique fusion of scientific acumen and business insight — a bilingual capability to speak both the language of hardcore science and that of impactful business.

A Vision for Change


Thus, FRESCI was born, rooted in the belief that science should extend beyond the confines of academic publications to actively shape and improve lives. We're more than just a company; we're a movement. A movement to harness the power of scientific research and translate it into real-world solutions. Our mission is to bridge the gap between scientific research and societal needs, ensuring that every discovery has the potential to become an innovation that benefits patients and communities.

The Future We Are Building

Today, we stand at the forefront of scientific innovation, not just as researchers but as pioneers of change. We're committed to breaking the loop, transforming scientific results into societal benefits, and speaking a language that resonates with all stakeholders. Our journey is about drawing the complete picture — the impact of science in its purest form and its application for the greater good.
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