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Our Biomedical Research Revolution: An EU AI-Powered Leap into Human Biology-Based Research

The biomedical research landscape is evolving at breakneck speed, ushering in an era of precision, accuracy, and human-centric methodologies.

Leading the charge in this transformative phase is the European Commission's Joint Research Centre ambitious project, which places human biology-based models and methods at the heart of advancements in health research.

We, at FRESCI by SCIENCE&STRATEGY, are proud to provide scientific and management coordination to the consortium developing this project, which benefits the crucial collaboration of our partners: TenWise B.V., Ready2Use srl, AlterTox srl and EcoMole sro.

AI-driven Database for human-based research
AI-driven Database for human-based research

Why Human Biology-Based Research?

The human body, in all its intricacy and complexity, can't be entirely mirrored by any other species.

As health scientists, our primary aim is to understand the nuances of human diseases, discover innovative treatments, and improve health outcomes.

To achieve this, what could be better than studying human biology directly?

Human biology-based models can offer a more accurate representation of human pathophysiology, genetics, and molecular mechanisms.

This accuracy is indispensable in predicting how humans will react to new drugs, treatments, or interventions, which subsequently leads to more successful clinical trials and therapeutic solutions.

A human biology-based database is of paramount importance to maintain clarity and precision in biomedical research.

When researchers have access to both animal and human literature or data without clear demarcation, there's a risk of unintentional overlap or misinterpretation. Utilizing data sourced from animals might not accurately predict human responses, leading to potential inaccuracies in research conclusions.

By having a dedicated human-centric database, we ensure that the data is explicitly tailored to human biology, preventing any inadvertent mix-ups and reinforcing the reliability of research outcomes.

The Birth of a Human-Centric Database at EU level

In recognition of the paramount importance of human-centric research, our consortium will create the EU's first-ever public database, dedicated exclusively to human biology-based models.

Harnessing the immense potential of AI, our vision is clear. We aim to collate, structure, and present comprehensive information on human biology-based models, spanning in vitro methods using human cells, to in silico models.

Such a resource not only accelerates the pace of human-focused research but also ensures that findings are more translatable to clinical and public health practices.

More Than Just a Database

This project transcends mere data compilation. We envisage a platform that's intuitive, interactive, and immensely valuable to the research community.

It's designed to be a beacon for scientists, offering easy access to human biology literature specific to human diseases.

What's more, with AI at its core, our platform promises real-time updates, ensuring researchers always have access to the latest methodologies and models.

Our collaborative approach ensures that this knowledge hub remains at the forefront, mirroring the rapid advancements in human-focused technologies.

Moreover, we plan to provide easy access to this resource also to all the stakeholders granting a easy user-interface access. Where anyone can search using natural language requests.

A Future Aligned with Human Health

While our commitment aligns with Directive 2010/63/EU's principles on animal testing, our primary motivation remains human health research.

The collateral benefit, of course, is a more ethical approach to research, as we shift away from animal testing.

Drawing parallels with global databases like PubMed and, this AI-driven database is poised to be a cornerstone in human-centric biomedical research. By championing human biology-based methods, we are not just future-proofing research but ensuring that findings have a direct, positive impact on human health.

In essence, we are shaping a future where human health research is accurate, relevant, and ethical. The age of human biology-based research isn't just on the horizon—it's here, and we are its pioneers.


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