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Celebrating our THIRD Year of Continuous Growth: FRESCI's 2022 Annual Report Infographic Video !

We are proud to announce another successful year for our consulting firm, marked by our third year of continuous growth and a 5% increase in sales. Our dedicated team has been awarded a contract by the European Commission - Joint Research Centre, and has been recognized for our contributions to the field through an awarded COST innovator grant.

In addition to our many achievements, our team has also produced 6 publications and conducted 2 trainings with over 50 attendees. We have also built 4 international consortia and secured 7 new contracts. Our focus remains on the 3Rs (reduce, reuse, recycle), advanced therapies (ATMPs), New Approach Methodologies (NAMs), and solidifying our position as a consulting firm in Human Health.

The annual report infographic video brings to life the highlights of our year, showcasing our growth, awards, and impact. Despite the challenges posed by the global pandemic, our team has remained resilient and innovative, delivering high quality services to our clients. Our commitment to sustainability of scientific results for a long term impact on our society will continue to guide us in the future.

With its vivid graphics and concise narration, the infographic video provides a dynamic perspective on our annual report. It offers a glimpse into the hard work and dedication of our team, and the positive impact we aim to make in the world.

Join us in celebrating three years of continuous growth and success. Watch the video and see why we are

confident in our ability to continue making a difference in the years to come.

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