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Bye 2021....Welcome 2022 !!!

Dear All,

We would like to wish all of you a Happy and Fruitful 2022 and we want to celebrate the end of this intense 2021 with some of our achievements and the people who made them possible:

  • First of all, our FRESCI team work with special thanks to Dr. David Vanneste, Ing. Fabiana Solano and our new 2021 entry Dr. Natalia Acosta Escacena. Only a great team can achieve great success!

  • Also, our first year supporting the policy coordinator, Susanna Louhimies at DG. ENV and the great team of experts working on the Directive 2010/63/EU.

  • Our recent 2021 study on EU Bioclusters, partially available in this infographics.

And we also celebrate the great people behind this success: François Busquet, Lindsay Marshall, Hilda Witters, Tomas Novotny, Krystof Dibusz, Fabrizio Rossi, Paolo Romania, Valentina Folgiero, Josep Maria Canals, Jarlath Hynes, Simona Celi, Margherita Cioffi and all our supporters.

We are looking forward to developing it in this new year!

  • We toast our study and proposal for a sustainable development and long term ATMPs strategy in the Comunidad Valenciana in Spain.

  • We are also very happy for having organized the first international event of Building Bridges: Methods and Models in Biomedical Sciences together with the

Champalimaud Foundation, CONGENTO, QuantOCancer and the European Commission Joint Research Centre. Special thanks to Sofia Batista Leite, Laura Gribaldo, Laura Ward, Joao Cruz and Annamaria Carusi.

Finally we really thank all our clients, collaborators and friends not listed here, but who have contributed directly and indirectly to our effort in advancing the translation of science into society.

Thank you!

Happy New Year,


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