Advanced Non-animal Models in Biomedical Research - BREAST CANCER

Have you read our project report yet?

Check out the final results of our European Project with DG. JRC (EURL - ECVAM) on human-based models in Breast Cancer research in this EC report:


How to cite this report: Folgiero, V., Romania, P., Rossi, F., Caforio, M., Nic, M., Dibusz, K., Novotny, T., Busquet, F., Straccia, M. and Gribaldo, L., Advanced Non-animal Models in Biomedical Research: Breast Cancer, EUR 30334/1 EN, Publications Office of the European

For more info about the project, please visit: https://ec.europa.eu/jrc/en/science-update/human-based-methods-better-breast-cancer-research

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