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Whether you're an established industry player, a dynamic SME, an innovative spin-off, or a groundbreaking startup in the biotech and medtech sectors, FRESCI is your go-to partner for turning visionary ideas into market realities. Our dedicated team is committed to supporting you through every phase of your business journey.

Here’s how we can drive your success:

Business Creation

We assist you in transforming your project idea into a viable business venture by:

  • Idea Maturation: Guiding the transformation of ideas into concrete projects.

  • Market Study: Analyzing market potential quantitatively and qualitatively.

  • Validation: Confirming market fit for your offerings.

  • Business Model Development: Crafting the optimal business model.

  • Financial Planning: Building financial plans and funding strategies.

  • Business Plan Development: Creating comprehensive business plans.

  • Fundraising: Support in securing funds from banks, public and private investors.

  • Grant Search: Assistance in finding grants and preparing applications.


Business Development

We guide your business expansion or diversification with:

  • Strategic Reflection: Analyzing new market segments and development paths.

  • Business Plan for New Strategies: Translating new strategies into complete business plans.

  • Financial Planning: Developing financial strategies and plans.

  • Fundraising: Facilitating fund acquisition from various sources.


Financial Planning

We craft financial plans to model and support your business projects, focusing on:

  • Future Profitability Analysis: Assessing potential returns based on various assumptions.

  • Financial Needs Assessment: Determining the financial requirements of your project.

  • Funding Strategy Development: Advising on optimal financing solutions (equity, non-dilutive financing, public/private funding, subsidies).


Strategic Consulting

We offer comprehensive diagnostic services to improve your business's performance through:

  • Specific Diagnostics: Focused analysis on commercial, financial, process aspects, etc.

  • Complete Diagnostics: In-depth, all-around business analysis.

  • External Analysis: Identifying opportunities and threats in the business environment.

  • Internal Analysis: Assessing strengths and weaknesses across various business functions.


Market Studies

We conduct in-depth market studies and engagement strategies, including:

  • Quantitative and Qualitative Analysis: Comprehensive market research.

  • Focus Groups: Gathering targeted feedback and insights.

  • Client and Prospect Engagement: Directly connecting with your target audience.

  • Market Potential Measurement: Estimating the size and scope of your market.

  • Market Trend Analysis: Understanding current and future market trends.

  • Product/Service Receptiveness Testing: Evaluating market response to your offerings.

  • Competitive Environment Assessment: Analyzing competitor strategies and positioning.

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