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Whether you are a public body, a local government, a research institution, a technology transfer office or a research group, FRESCI is your trusted ally in navigating the complexities of policy, planning, and project management in science innovation environment.

Our dedicated team, specialized in public sector dynamics, is committed to guiding you through every stage of your strategic development.

Here’s how we can drive your success:

Strategic Analysis and Roadmaps

We offer strategic analysis and roadmap development, focusing on the unique needs of public institutions:

  • Policy Analysis: Examining and interpreting policy frameworks to inform decision-making.

  • Long-term Strategic Planning: Aiding in the creation of sustainable and effective strategies for public initiatives and EU policy formulation.

  • Value Addition: Shaping more informed, sustainable, and effective public policies and strategies that align with EU guidelines and objectives.


Evidence-Based Analysis

We specialize in a comprehensive evidence-based analysis in the biomedical and healthcare field:

  • Scientific Literature Review: Exhaustive screening and analysis of scientific papers, technical reports, and patents.

  • Data Extraction and Analysis: Performing meticulous data extraction from various sources for in-depth study.

  • Database Creation: Building extensive databases for storing and managing the extracted data.

  • AI-Powered Tools: Utilizing artificial intelligence to navigate, analyze, and visualize complex data sets.

  • Value Addition: Providing detailed, scientifically-backed insights to inform decision-making in biomedical and healthcare sectors, enhancing the depth and accuracy of research and policy development.


EU Fundings and Project Management

We assist research groups with EU funding and project management:

  • Innovation Analysis: Evaluating project ideas for innovation potential and alignment with EU funding criteria.

  • Partnership Building: Facilitating collaborations and consensus among various stakeholders.

  • Communication Strategies: Developing effective strategies for project communication and dissemination.

  • Research Exploitation: Maximizing the impact and visibility of university-led research initiatives.

  • Value Addition: Increasing the success rate of funding applications and enhancing the overall impact of research and academic projects.


Stakeholders’ Analysis and Engagement

We offer stakeholder analysis and engagement services for research organizations:

  • Stakeholder Identification: Pinpointing key individuals and groups relevant to research projects.

  • Interest and Influence Assessment: Understanding the dynamics and interests of various stakeholders.

  • Engagement Strategies: Crafting methods to effectively involve stakeholders in the research process.

  • Value Addition: Aligning research goals with stakeholder expectations, thereby fostering robust partnerships and enhancing the relevance and impact of research outcomes.

Image by Pawel Czerwinski
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